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Rise against the red bush tea

This week has been what some might call a bitter one.

The words to describe the utter trash that has been floating around on social media and the uneducated/misinformed discussions it has lead the people in the surrounding are to engage in is truly frightening.

When did people start believing everything without any form of healthy scepticism?

What is happening?

Since the start of this humble blog of  musings there are less and less people sat chatting to each other, each day they spend longer staring at their screens, ignoring the company they have with them. It’s quite frightening.

It makes you wonder in ow many years we will forget how to ‘human’ and how many more after that before civilisation ends up like that of the film WALL-E, or perhaps there might be a technological disaster and we will go down the lines of Mad Max.

Regardless of which, that foreboding feel is there.

The Dr & Red Bush

A long running show, filled with some very very deep words if you will but listen.

Now the mantel has passed, the Dr will no longer be a he, but now a she. I for one am excited, I said to an old friend that one there would be a female Dr, possibly the last one, I was also  hoping for a red head as the Dr has never had red hair but I suppose getting it half right isn’t so bad.

I wonder what words of wisdom she will have, I wonder if this one will fix all the broken pieces left by the first 12, I’d like to hope.

We could all learn a lot from the good Dr.

Espresso Martini & Melancholy

It’s been a long time since I hit the town and not much has changed, then again, does it ever.

Apart form some friendly faces, welcoming arms and the surprise to see my old face in such places, I can say I’ve not missed that life, nor do I feel the need to return to it, there is no longer a glove that fits me among the many they have to offer anymore.

The music has moved on, it’s nothing more than noise, no words, no rhythm or beat, nothing of taste.

Time to be a proper adult I suppose.

English Tea & Eastern Thinking

The mind is a truly fascinating thing.

As you’re sat right now reading this drivel, you’re mind is busy solving problems and answering questions you didn’t even know had been asked, it’s quite remarkable really because if they ever are asked you’ll know know the answer and the funniest part is you’ll walk away thinking ‘I didn’t know I knew that’ or you won’t, you’ll just forget and walk away.

In ones mind is the realm of infinite possibilities, all the ‘what if’ scenarios answered, all you need do is look inwards and speak honestly to yourself and listen, you’ll find you know more than you realise and do less than you’re capable of because we always want the easy option, even if it’s not necessarily the best one.

How I do love the way the mind works. It can pull us through true despair or it can bury us in a tomb of fear, such a powerful thing we possess.

Control over it, now that’s something worth thinking about. The east have been working not his for years, be it in isolated meditation, understanding the flow of chakras, feeling the dragons pulse that flows around us, understanding has long been south by the east, ignored by the west, forgotten in the north and hidden in the south.

Give it some thought, you might just learn something.

Green tea & a grudge

We do like to hold grudges, even though we would claim our benevolence and renounce any past claims of feelings or emotion it’s clear that w found hasn’t fully healed.

I’ve noticed a great many will go out of their way to take digs and try to make the now lost apple of their eye feel like they’ve lost out, while it’s understandable why people would do it, this act shows only their hurt, it rarely makes the other party feel they should go running back.

This has happened many times in this sultry life of mine, and with each new person they follow the same pattern, or rather, I follow the same pattern of looking for that something unique only to find the mundane and discard it once there is no longer any allure.

You could say that makes me a bad person and I wouldn’t disagree.

The funny thing is I won’t change, not really, people can’t be anything other than what they are, we just get better at hiding it and sparing those innocent few from getting dragged in to the nebulous that is our life.

At least I can sit and smile knowing all the people who hold a grudge settled, there’s nothing wrong with settling after all, it’s what plenty of people do who don’t want to be alone.

I wonder how many more unfortunate grudges I will amass…. I guess time will tell.

Tea on the train

Not the most exciting place to have a tea, yet it was on offer so it’d be rude to say no.

Half the people are asleep, some on their phones and the others, well they’re just staring in to the void.

I find myself thinking about all that has gone on this week and the troublesome times that lay ahead. While my foresight gives me some idea of how things can play out, to which I’m rarely wrong, unfortunately. I do wish for another outcome from the one I can coming too, even with all the variations and permutations I consider, in the end, like Odin, I’m doomed.

I suppose we could all do well to acknowledge our own personal Ragnarök that awaits us, although I hoped mine wouldn’t find me as fast as it has.

Ever the struggler, forwards is the only option.

Wish me luck.

Carrot Juice & People

One second life seems to be pulling itself together and then, just like that, it gets torn apart, again.

People never thing about the consequences of their action, they make their choices based on flawed and bias emotions, it is any wonder we are a world at war. A people who fight amongst ourselves.

We are all filled with imperfections, that’s just how we are.

If anything can be learnt from people watching today it is this; some are aggressive and will fight back when threatened directly however those are the good people. The you have those manipulative, deceitful and spiteful people, the ones who stick the knife in your back and twist, some call them the bad ones, others call them….

Money, Time & No Emotion to Spare

Some controlled overhearing was done today.

You might call it eavesdropping, either way, it made for an interesting 5min.

It’s funny how people are happy to let go of something that they’e only invested time, money or both in, yet the second they invest emotion, that’s where the claws will sink an and a ferocious fight to hold on will ensue.

No one wants to waste their emotion, yet even if they know putting in any more to be futile they will still continue to throw more at a futile situation because of pride and ego.

After all, the biggest blow to the ego is admitting it was wrong.

This, from what I can see, is why people stay in toxic situations, hopeless endeavours and give themselves to a lost cause, it’s sad really. Cutting off is a lost talent that many don’t possess anymore, maybe it’s time to teach people this skill so that they can save themselves.

Unlike money and such things that can be replaced, we only have so much emotion to give, once it’s spent you don’t get it back, it just dwindles away and all that ends up let tis a bitter husk of a once hopeless dreamer who put too much in to someone hoping they’d change when they never did.

Emotion is worth more than gold, spend it wisely.

The Charity of Strangers

A face from old came to me today.

Battle worn and beaten by his drug addiction he was living rough, while I offered no words of solace I was polite enough to not treat him like dirty, as many others did this morning as they walked past him.

A £1 coffee was nothing to afford really, it’s only a £1 after all.

He then told me of his woes for a short time, them went to sit outside.

Leaning in towards a couple of ladies they give him a cigarette, a small crumb to keep him occupied as they finish their tea and make their escape. It’s sad to see people fall so far, yet we all have our own issues and demons, while everyone gets dragged down at one time or another it’s still a choice to let it reach that point.

Not being the most sympathetic person I find my charity is not forthcoming.

We are all born in to struggle, well, most of us are anyway.

Products of broken marriages to fix a problem that was already beyond repair, we are the proof that problems can’t be fixed by trying to create a focused unity through common interest. If anything we a the evidence that it never works, it just serves to divide an already fractured relationship, then we become leverage, tools as it were.

What a life, eh.

I don’t know why this young man fell so far, truth be told I don’t much care. Life would go on wither without him and while I don’t wish a fall on anyone, my opinion on the matter will do nothing to change it, perhaps may others feel this way and hat is why we live in a broken world, who knows, or more importantly, who really cares.

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