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Black Tea & Bitching

Woman truly are empathetic creatures, well, to a point.

A group of three were chatting today and sharing their tales of woe, or at least two of them shared a brief account of their ills and then one took over the conversation and made everything about her.

Ladies, how can you put up with this?

Time after time I’ve seen this and once the scene stealer leaves all the bitch begins, every single time. It’s a bit sad really.

Why do people hide in the disguise of a’good friend who listens’ only to be instantly tired of their shit and slag them off once they leave?

Psychologically I understand, however there are parts of my brain hat still go “????” because some harsh reality would save a lot of back and forth, not to mention the falling out when they eventually find out about all the chatter behind their back.

This world is both simple and complicated, filled with knowledge & intrigue and for this I’m truly thankful I’m alive to witness all the little idiosyncrasies people have to offer.

It’s why I sit alone in coffee shops.

Victoria Sponge & Voting

Today is the day.

That ominous day in the UK that the people will vote.

Do I care what happens?

Not really, either way change will happen, people will moan, then life will go one, that’s just how these things work.

As each day draws to a close I find myself edging ever closer to living off the grid, to disappearing as it were. Once the opportunity comes to sever my earthly tethers I will have to choose and once the choice is made I have to run with it and never look back.

I’ve noticed too many people spend their life looking back. In a time long past I was one of those people, then I got older and realised it changed nothing so why dwell on it. Many will post up some form of status akin to benevolence, you know the type “Be the change you want to see.” or some such bollocks, morons.

Shit happens, bad people get away with doing bad things, such is the epitome of human history.

I will vote, I won’t share it, I will just accept what price comes with at that vote because that’s what adults do. We suck it up and keep moving forwards.

Always forwards.

Also, this sponge is a light as a cloud yet it melts in the mouth like snow on a warm summers day, leaving a blissful explosion of taste after each bite, delicious.

Smothered while drinking a smoothie

“People will smother you with their opinions and beliefs if you let them.”

It seems that there are always those who command the flow of a conversation, I was witness to a prime example of this while sipping away at a free smoothie.

What gets me most is that people just take it.

They roll over and just accept their fate for fear of upsetting the status quo, or losing their place in the group that their society demands they be a part of.  It makes you wonder if they will ever break free of their false profits and be outcasted as a heretic.

It’s at times like these being considered a loner isn’t a bad thing.

Cocoa & Conflict

Strange how people expect others to take up the slack for their choices.

As a people we’ve gone wrong somewhere along the line, when did being selfish suddenly become acceptable in some instances?

Take a person who wants a child, they can trick someone in to doing what they need though lies and deceit, then demand everything with an iron fist, yet if the other party opposes this then they’re the monster.

After witnessing the argument over this today in the coffee shop it’s easy to see the grummet from both sides of the fence, but to me this begs the question, was it right for one to lie to the other to get what they wanted, especially when that involved a child that was not wanted by the other party involved.

From my point of view it’s a cruel thing to do, it destroys two lives in order to give theirs purpose and unconditional love.

Many would argue that what’s done is done and now there is duty to be there for the child, which in that regard they’re not wrong, but it is fair for one person to do this to another, is it right?

And people wonder why there are trust issues in the world.

Midnight tipple

“I have seen things you wouldn’t believe, I have lost things you will never understand…”

Sometimes the simplest quotes can hit you pretty hard and at the time you don’t know why.

It is only when you’re laid awake, unable to sleep you realise why it made you feel and it is that loss that makes you remember.

Funny old life, eh?

Water & Wonder Woman

So today is the first day the public can go and see Wonder Woman.

If you’e followed comic books over the years you’ll know the story well, what I find more interesting is how people are taking up arms of the ‘women only’ screenings of the film.

Seriously, who cares?

It’s a film, get over it.

In a world that tries to preach unity, compassion an equality for all we certainly are a hypocritical bunch.

Equality is only ever plausible when there is a benefit to both sides from my experience, if one feels left short then the onslaught of slander, patriarchy and other such things come out and people wonder why I don’t care much for politics.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the film and not worry about such tripe.

Latte & our Lord

“Do you believe in our Lord and saviour?”

My answer was in the form of a question.

“Can you tell me why I must believe in the Lord?”

After listening I could see why they have faith, or at least from my perspective.

They wanted a reason for life, a reason for the bad things, they wanted to know that they, themselves would be rewarded with the gift of Heaven once they die.

I don’t know if there is a god, it hasn’t been proven, nor will it ever be, it’s a non important factor in the way of the world.

People want to have faith, which they’re welcome to have, but they still welcome medical advances and life saving treatment.

Would my heart match the feather on the scales when my time comes?

Maybe, maybe not.

Might go to heaven, hell or possibly just fade away in to nothing.

Regardless of which it is, it hold nothing over me because I’m still breathing, I’m still alive, able to make good and bad choices. To have faith is a wonderful thing, but as the world has shown it can also be a destructive one.

The way I see it is simple, the last time religion was the controlling factor in the world that period of time was known as the Dark Ages, it was science that changed that.

Was our science a gift from God, who knows, who cares.

Live by what ever faith you choose, you’ll find out if it was worth it when you die.

Kale Kick

A drink of modern times, it was okay.

Not good, not bad, just okay, much like the lives many seem to live now.

What happened to the mens elf adventure we had as children I wonder.

Those days where the world was meant to be explored and chances were made to be taken, those days before bitter cynicism set in and we became part of the machine that makes the world go around.

It’s funny how as children we are encouraged to dream, to strive to be anything we desire, yet once a certain age comes along we’re told it’s time to stop dreaming, to grow up, get a stable job, find a partner, settle down, have kinds and fill their heads with the same false promises that filled ours.

How many people sat in the same shop as me have been through this wash-rinse-repay cycle of human survival I wonder.

Lemon tea & a friend to me

It’s funny how some people choose to remain in your life, even after the wrongs you put upon them.

What’s more is now it’s time to help them mend what was their perfect ending, broken by the complexities of life.

She looked so sad, it was behind her eyes, she wanted and answer different from he one she’d already come to  herself, even though she knows there isn’t one. I gave the only advice I could, and that was to be true to herself because things can either be accepted or they can’t. It’s all on her to move forwards in unity or to let it all go.

Hopefully she will pick well and trust her judgement.

It was sad to see how much hurt this caused her, especially considering he is a good man who loves her dearly. With luck they will overcome this small hurdle and all will be well, all be it without absolute closure or resolution.

I had to admit to her that sometimes there are no resolutions, there is no closure, there is only what is and if that is enough then make peace with it, or don’t.

I’ve never really known if the choices I’ve made in the past have always been the right ones, all I’ve known is that I made them and for better or worse I stuck with them because that’s what you’re meant to do once you’ve made one.


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