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Something I overhead

“You can be well read, eloquent, intelligent and more, yet you still hold no opinion of your own.

You alway aim to appease the many at the sacrifice of what would define who you are.

You speak of pain, sorrow, loss and more, yet you’ve never experienced such a thing because for that you’d have to love someone else more than you love yourself and you’re not ready for that. No one ever is.

When it hits you everything changes, you change.

The worlds colours become dull by comparison to theirs.

Smells pale in comparison.

Food loses it’s taste for you’ve had something so sweet nothing else ever comes close again.

It is in that knowledge you know what you’ve lost. It is in that knowledge you finally understand what people mean when they say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

So tell me, tell me more about you…”


Filter Coffee & Philosophy

It’s dawned on my the style of philosophy that tends to govern my thought process.


It was something that occurred to me when chatting with a friend recently and our discussion of wether there was more than one truth.

By logic you’d surmise that there is only one absolute truth, the roots of the free if you will and the the rest of the tree becomes the various points of view that are also true.

Searching for that deeper sense of truth, that deeper meaning is something worthy of pursuit, for me anyway.

I’ve always wanted to ‘know’ and thought process of elimination and thought I’ve been fortunate to always come to the correct conclusion, even if it was one that caused me a great strife, however I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s better to let go in conscious thought than hold on in ignorant bliss.

Or at least that’s what I feel anyway.

It makes one thankful for the opportunity of life that has been given because of all the people we can speak to in our life and learn form. A true miracle really.

While many will search for their purpose, their belonging and fill the passing time with petty squabbles and bias nuance, the search for knowledge is my chosen.

To see both sides of the coin and even look for the third, the edge so that everything can be understood, it’s a good way to live, or at least it help keep my restless mind occupied.

What is your philosophy of life?

Blueberry Blast & Bridges

The term “Burning your bridges” is one that fascinates me.

Someone mentioned it today and the response had came from out of nowhere, yet it made sense to them.

“Weak bridges that are made from poor materials burn. Ones that have been forged in iron and stone can endure many hardships. If a bridge is going to burn let it, minting such a weak bridge takes up way too much time anyway.”

If you think of a rope bridge it will easily become damaged, rotten and useless, yet one made of iron will also a lifetime, for the most part.

This is not to say there won’t be some maintenance required, just that they are more robust than the ones most people consider to have.

In that way it shows their mentality and how they view people.

Like their bridges, weak, disposable, only to serve one purpose for a short time, not worth maintaining.

Be weary of people that speak of burning bridges, I don’t know about you, but mine don’t burn, once they’re formed they’re there for life.

The New Local

The title is true for both the coffee shop in which I now reside and also myself, I’m the new local to the people who come here everyday.

All the unique faces.

Each majestic in their own right, and behind each one is a story of how they have grown in to who they are, be that middle aged or a fledgeling uni student.

So much to learn, so many people to meet.

This is life.

How to be a modern success

Step one – Buy a mac, join the pretentious crowd

Step two – sit in a coffee shop all day using their electricity to charge your multiple devices

Step three – repeat until successful

It’s all quite simple really.


Bonus Step – appear brooding and mysterious

Epiphany, enlightenment or harrowing truth…

Do you ever have those moments when you have that shift in your view and it changes everything.

Such is the one I had today and to speak it would cause destress to many, yet the less you try to see the clearer everything becomes.

The illusion becomes shattered.

Persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection, subjugation, enslavement, exploitation, so many words that all mean the same thing. 

They are all terrible, yet…

If you look beyond them, if you look to the false ideal you will find them.

It’s ironic really.

In seeking the opposite you invite these in to the world and once you achieve the dream and said atop the throne you can finally understand the horror that is peace.

To have it you must subjugate the rebellious who threaten the establishment of power. You must quell their defiance, then comes the suppression of ill will towards another, essentially trying to change that which is in our very blood.

People long for a world without such things, yet a place so benevolent can never exist.

It’s a cruel joke with us at the centre of it all.



Single shot & struggle

Some people gravitate towards struggle, unknowingly so.

It’s funny how without struggle people start to seek it out, even if they claim to want the quite life.

We are born of struggle and strife, without it would there really be any point to anything?

Is there nothing better than breaking through the tyrannous plagues that befall us and rising up victorious and asking in our self adulated glory. Even if it is but brief.

I know not of any other life than this.

This is my shortcoming, much in the same way it is also my strength.

To struggle is to live.

To know the indignation I have suffered is something a few will grasp, yet thought this life of mine I wouldn’t have had it any other way, not really.



Same start, same destinations, then came the fork.

I bumped in to two people I knew from old.

Both came from a similar starting point in life.

Well off family, good education, endless opportunities at their feet, you know they kind.

Both were exceptional dancers, one set for stardom and the other always chasing in the shadow that was cast.

I bet you can guess how it’s turned out now.

Yep, the one who was always chasing made it big and is now what people in that scene wold consider famous. The other got steeped in burning the midnight oil amongst other things to end up working in a coffee shop.

Not that there is anything wrong with a simple career, however by his own admission it’s not the one he wanted.

I didn’t mention I bumped in to the kid he constantly left in the dust as he scored to exceptional heights as a youth, no point in rubbing salt in an open wound.

Do you ever wonder how many times the inevitable fork in the road will appear in your life?

Once, twice, thrice or more.

Each time you life will be taken in a very different direction.

Makes you smile to know that there is always the choice to be something, if you will be take that path.

A sly secret.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know, nor will they because I won’t ever tell them this fact.

The main thing that makes me smile is seeing people take the leap of faith and embrace change, then once they have the genuine smile that follows is what makes it all worth while.

The saddest part is many will be held back by their own fear, even if I see something more, no matter how much faith in them I have, I can’t force them to take that step towards something better, they have to want to do it themselves.

People have to want to be free of their chains and embrace change.

For those that do though, that smile makes my job worth it every time.

To see others actually be happy, what other feeling is better than that?

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