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They must have put something in this mint tea.

Thought, it’s quiet interesting really.

Are we really doing it for ourselves or simply repeating things that we’ve heard others say that have long since sunken in to our subconscious?

Is freedom of thought really real just because we think we can think?

Perhaps this is what sends people mad, not thinking or thinking about thinking.




Mint Tea & Musings

Well, that was odd, kinda.

One can only guess that the group that just walked past are somehow involved in Pride, Equality, and what ever else goes in to being a modern sensitive and empathic person these days.

Fair enough.

I have to be honest though, to me it’s just a tad hypocritical that people will go out of their way to champion a view that isn’t truly their own, it’s just something they’ve been caught up in the hype of.

Not to mention they will also chastise those who don’t share their views.

Now fairness, equality, equal rights and all that jazz are what all people should be entitled to, no question or doubt about that, yet groups like the one that just walked past will be making cases that they ‘need’ all of those things, to be treated the same as everyone else right up until the point of where they decide to mention that they’re unique individuals just like everyone else.

A poetic contradiction, that it is.

Think about it, how can everyone be treated equally when everyone is meant to be unique and different, would that by logic not then demand different treatment and/or special consideration?

So is it equality they want or equality of outcome, or equal equity and for what purpose?

Why should someone who does less be aware the same as someone who does more?

Just trying to think logically here, you know, from a  base standard point of view as it seems having standards or circumstance to be met are demonic plagues on our world now. Here I was thinking they just gave a starting point or allowed for some form of order and organisation in the world, silly me.

I can already feel the triggering happening on the other side of the internet connection.

All 1001 reasons why I just don’t get it, it is far for people to harbour these views and voice them, all the while I am not allowed to have my own or voice them, you know because, equality.

One thing to consider, is that people don’t understand or more the fact that people just don’t care for the attitude of pandering bullshit anymore?

By all means be who you are, love yourself and others, just remember it still doesn’t mean people have to care in this world because as much as we want everything to be equal and fair, nature is neither of those things.

Orange Juice

Why is it we lament the past as we do?

Could it be because of our desire to relive what was, when we had purpose, value and a place in this tapestry of cogs, or is it because it’s easier than the alternative, moving forwards.

Memories are nice, they can carry us through some dark times, yet to hold on so tightly to them will only mean we have extra weight to carry on our soul.

The past is done, while we can reminisce and learn a lot from it, it can’t take us forwards because we know how that played out, and even if what will be is strikingly similar there is no guarantee it will play out as we expect every time.

Try to live in the now, before you lament that as well.

Lemon Tea & Philosophy

Should we live our lives for ourselves so that we can have it all or for others who have nothing so that they can have something?


Black tea & being thankful

There has been quite the heat wave in the UK this week, it makes you wonder how many of the people there will have uttered the words “It’s too hot” despite winter being about 8 months in this year of 2018.

We are a funny bunch, rarely happy unless things are exactly as we want them.

It’s fair enough really because we have been gifted so much, allow free reign and to do what we want, when we want and with whom, a spoilt royalty that doesn’t know they’re treated like the kings and queens of old because these days unless you’ve got more, you think you’ve got nothing.

You have the gift of a life with no aliments, not everyone is so lucky, and anything else on top of good health is a bonus.

Everyday there is something to be thankful for, even if it doesn’t seem that way, remember that.

Coffee, Cookies, Consciousness & Blogging

It is by no mens the early hours, yet the youth of yesterday are still in bed nursing their alcohol fuelled fun. As you may have guessed, the person behind this screen is no spring chicken anymore and as such that is the reason coherent thoughts can be formed and articulated on to the glorious world wide web via WordPress.

Blogging is an interesting endeavour.

There are millions of different blogs to read the world over, yet there is only a finite amount of topics, thus meaning that we are subjected to the same information, all be it from a  slightly different perspective, and yet we will still read diligently because we are the ever magnificent creatures of habit.

Thinking back to the past, as we often do once we reach a certain age, there is nothing specific that one can lament, yet the fond memories of then help distract from he less than captivating times of the now, or at least that is how I see it sometimes.

Being aware of your place in the grand scheme of things is quite eye opening, as is watching all the people who have yet to match your current age and all the potential they hold. Whether they utilise that potential is another matter for people far more intelligent than myself to discuss. I have but a subtle hope that they take hold of all the opportunities that will come their way, well, the ones that will help cultivate some combination of happiness and success with a hint of desire.

It’s funny, some of the youth are awake and their individuality must be known.

A what I might assume is a biological female, you can’t be too sure these days, has a top that says “I’m Vegan, love all animals” screams out that you’d offend them at the very moment you made eye contact. A harsh judgement on my part, 100%, however there is a worthy while bet that it’s more true than I’d like it to be.

What happened to resilience and thick skin?

Has our hyper vigilance caused the decline, or is just that people are now finally more in touch with their feelings and people like me and my cohort sat aside me are relics of a time that will soon be forgotten and the stuff of myth or urban legend.

“Once upon a time, people had opinions that offended you AND they didn’t care if that was the case.” – Eek, gasp, the heresy. Such abhorrent throughs, thank the great white rabbit in the sky for purging our utopia of these heretics.

Damn, so bitter, it’s oaky though. I know what I’m about, like Ron Swanson.

Anyway, that is enough of my nonsense, enjoy your day and may the odds be forever in your favour 🙂

Coffee & Caution

It’s all fun and games until you defy them, then you find out how quickly things turn nasty.

Remember this.


The best you & coffee for two.

Become the best version of you, do the best you can.

A nobel quote, however no one ever stops to think that the best version of a person might actually result in catastrophic genocide.

Of course that is because to people who say ‘became the best version of you’ automatically assume that this means benevolence, good will towards fellow man and altruism.

Foolishly they think that the person they are talking to thinks as they do, holds similar values and prays for similar outcomes in life, this is a grievous error in judgement because what some people consider good, or to be for the greater good might just be that which ends humanity.

What people shall really say is this; “Be the best version of you, provided it’s good.”.

Then that opens the door to the question of ‘what is good?’.

Is it morally bias, or is it outcome bias?

They are two very different things. To save one person is a good act, however to save that one person at the expense of 1000 others isn’t seen as such, yet morally it’s just, or is it?

Quite the paradox, which of course can all be ironed out with context, logical thought and objectivity, three things that are in short supply these days.

What do you think?


Mocha & a Modern Hypocrite

Knitting  I never realised how lost an art it was becoming to some.

Still the only people you see doing it are often 70+, still though. There are fewer and fewer of those about these days, eventually there will be none left and the aged hands filled with dyed yarn will be replaced with mobile phones, which by that point will probably be a relic to some.

It’s funny how we evolve.

Thinking back, once upon a time no one would have thought it possible to have literally the world, or at least all the information in it by your finger tips and so easily  held in the palm of your hand. Quite the marvel really.

This is what makes me chuckle with the altruistic youth of today trying to champion a more simplistic life, all through their modern technology I might add. It does make me smile to listen to the hypocrisy because I doubt too many of these modern day champions of the light would be able to survive without convenience sitting in their pocket.

Modern slaves who switched iron chains for electronic ones in the form of lug sockets and wifi.

The poetic irony is that this very post is written from a Mac currently plugged in to a coffee shop wall socket while stealing their wifi, talk about a true hypocrite eh?

I will pray for the world that is lost to us each day, eventually what we have now won’t be remembered because there will be a time where it never was, like the one out ancestors lived in, lost to us for the now.

Yet the past is no place to live because it was no better than the now, nor is it any more magnanimous than the future, it simply it what it is, a moment in time that simultaneously is, was and might.

Aha, my madness, it comforts me.

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