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Frappe & Failing

Being in a reflective mood I felt this was a worth time to share some old ghost.

I’ve failed more times than people will ever know, not because of some misplaced pride of fear of judgement, it’s for the fact that there is no other logical option than to keep moving forwards.

Looking back, the more detached I’ve become the more at peace I’ve felt.

It’s both liberating and at the same time quite sad.

Regardless, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Why do they scream?

Not having children I always wonder why they scream and cause such a ruckus.

What I find more fascinating is that he parents ignore them, or at least phase it out, perhaps to show them they won’t give in no matter how much the child screams.

A fair way to teach them, however I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a royal pain in the ass when trying to work.

When I look back at my childhood I can see the upbringing was very indicative of the ‘firm but fair’ attitude. I did something wrong I got a warning, I tried to scream to get what I wanted and another warning came. If there was a third transgression I got a slap.

These days I never see people use that anymore, perhaps because people will call out ‘abuse’ and other such things, then again, there is far less respect in the world from a Ā large proportion of youths because of this lack of discipline, or at leas there is from my point of view.

Be that what it is.

I heard a group of teenagers hurling abused at an elderly couple not so long ago and the second the elderly man started approaching the classic line of “You can’t touch me, I’ll get you done” came out.

Probably a good thing there are no children in my life, I’m not paternal at all.

I’m just a relic from a time that valued an iron first.

Travel & Tea

Well this has certainly been a rather busy time, what with all the travel and visiting a multitude of coffee shops.

If I’ve noticed anything it’s that no matter where you go the people are all the same, well, the people are different by their archetype is the same. Even I probably fit in to one of them and slip past unnoticed.

You see the groups trying to claim individuality, just like every other group of their nature, and in trying to be different they end up the same, it’s quite funny really.

You see the budding you writers desperately trying to be creative, engaging and create emotionally connecting content, while it is admirable, it doesn’t matter because no one really cares, they just want to pass time and if you don’t give them what they’re looking for they will find someone else who does to follow.

It certainly seems the currency of the modern world is not gold or silver, it’s ‘likes’ ‘shares’ ‘reblogs’ ‘comments’ and followers.

While a valuable currency to a persons ego and self esteem, it does little for paying bills.

I will stick with good old fashioned cash I think.

Enjoy your day šŸ™‚

Something I remember from old

“You, a human, have the gall,

To turn away from Asgard’s halls?

What right have you to spurn my rule?

I the god of gods? You fool!

So be it, dog, you will not yield,

And thus your wretched fate is sealed.

By Odin’s will, you’ll serve your time.

Within the mists of Niflheim!”

One step

How many times do you think about taking one step?

One step forwards

One step back

One to the side

And one in to the unknown

I think of taking one step

One step off the edge

One step in front

One step on to

And all end the same way

That step has yet to be taken, yet the thought is always there.


It just so happened that on one of my many walks I ended up at a Pride event.

The dynamic was fascinating and for all the talk of equality, peace, freedom and love, there were still those few that tried to cause a negative stir.

Human nature is a strange thing indeed. 

First time talking

So one of the regulars and I had a conversation today, our first conversation actually and it turns out we have a lot in common, who’d of thought it.

It seemed she too had been through the tunnel and come out the other end, it’s funny how those of use that have livd similar lives naturally gravitate towards each other.


A fresh walk & tea

Being a rather fresh and bright Saturday morning I felt there was no better way to start it than with a walk and a tea.

It’s quite surprising how quiet it is, then again if you’ve got no other world responsibilities than to look after yourself, you’d be surprised how much time you have.

Time, what an interesting thing, it’s something everyone has in a finite amount and promptly waste, yet if you made the choice to use it in a specific way, was it really a waste? Or was it just misplaced.

Sat here alone with nothing but my thoughts I find myself drifting to all those moments life took a violent curve sideways and how I instigated it or how I foolishly allowed my self to get caught in said situation. It’s nice to know there aren’t that many, however the problem is the limited ones that there are all seem to be fairly life changing mistakes.

If you really choose to reflect it highlights your flaws in a glaring fashion, or at least mine.

I wonder how many of us spend out lives trying to come to terms with the simple fact that at heart there are some things we just never wanted and the fact that we can’t take them back is crushing because they serve as a permeant reminder of how stupid we were.

Maybe it’s just me who feels that way, who knows, who really cares, what’s done is done and now all that is left is choice. The choice to accept and integrate or to accept and reject, is it bad that ones mind is already made up without hesitation?

What a C**t, eh.


A couple more teas to go

Soon the routine will be changed up, while this coffee shop will now have a place in my memories and heart, it’s time to let go and move on.

New places await, they hold new people, different experiences and the way forwards.

It won’t be long now.

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