My sleepy little town has for some reason had an influx of tourists from the USA, it’s quite strange to see so many in such a small place, yet they make for a fascinating watch.

Like every brit I do enjoy the american accent, there is just something about the way the guys & girls speak that exudes confidence, it’s very alluring, they all have what is commonly known as classic good looks too, the men are handsome and the ladies beautiful, or rather, the fact that they are different makes them seem this way.

Regardless, their conversation was fascinating.

A fly on the wall, the enviable life many want, to know all and be unseen, not so share the secrets of cause problems, just to know things because knowledge is a great treasure to have.

I must admit, me being me I decided to to say hello one on pair of their eyes caught mine, after all, sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s delights.