I had a friend talk to me about enlightenment yesterday, it was interesting to hear her speak about it, or rather what she believed it was.

The concepts were solid, yet something didn’t feel right when she spoke about it, she seemed to be more focused on the idea of achieving it and what it meant yet that would mean that such a thing is quantifiable, which something such as that can’t truly have a pure definition, or at least one that we can comprehend anyway.

To be enlightened, to transcend, who knows what that really is.

If we are to believe monks and alike then it means detachment, or if we look at preachers who have been touched by the benevolent hand it means being selfless and then you have the classical definition by scholars and philosophers of old which is still based on quantifiable logic.

I don’t know what it is to be enlightened, yet I know it’s not what she described, I could’t say why or put it in to words, its just a feeling because when all is said and done, in the absence of everything else, feeling is all we have to go on.