The quiet ambiance was broken with what seemed to be an orchestrated argument, they knew what was going to happen, I say this because this particular couple have argued in the local streets and pubs grocery stores all across the small town we live in. Now they’ve added this coffee shop to the list.

Each time the argument is the same, it’s about money, he spent too much so she couldn’t buy what she wanted, she spent too much so he couldn’t buy what he wanted, a pointless argument steeped in ‘I’m going to get one up on you’ – each of their failings were thrown at the other in an attempt to shock them in to stunned silence, it didn’t work, if anything is sounded far more like a well rehearsed soap opera than anything else.

Is this there pattern I do wonder. Is this how the rest of their live will be, spent arguing about the same pointless topics just because they’re so bored they have nothing better to do? What a way to live.

Have you ever been involved in pre-planned drama?