This week has been what some might call a bitter one.

The words to describe the utter trash that has been floating around on social media and the uneducated/misinformed discussions it has lead the people in the surrounding are to engage in is truly frightening.

When did people start believing everything without any form of healthy scepticism?

What is happening?

Since the start of this humble blog of  musings there are less and less people sat chatting to each other, each day they spend longer staring at their screens, ignoring the company they have with them. It’s quite frightening.

It makes you wonder in ow many years we will forget how to ‘human’ and how many more after that before civilisation ends up like that of the film WALL-E, or perhaps there might be a technological disaster and we will go down the lines of Mad Max.

Regardless of which, that foreboding feel is there.