The mind is a truly fascinating thing.

As you’re sat right now reading this drivel, you’re mind is busy solving problems and answering questions you didn’t even know had been asked, it’s quite remarkable really because if they ever are asked you’ll know know the answer and the funniest part is you’ll walk away thinking ‘I didn’t know I knew that’ or you won’t, you’ll just forget and walk away.

In ones mind is the realm of infinite possibilities, all the ‘what if’ scenarios answered, all you need do is look inwards and speak honestly to yourself and listen, you’ll find you know more than you realise and do less than you’re capable of because we always want the easy option, even if it’s not necessarily the best one.

How I do love the way the mind works. It can pull us through true despair or it can bury us in a tomb of fear, such a powerful thing we possess.

Control over it, now that’s something worth thinking about. The east have been working not his for years, be it in isolated meditation, understanding the flow of chakras, feeling the dragons pulse that flows around us, understanding has long been south by the east, ignored by the west, forgotten in the north and hidden in the south.

Give it some thought, you might just learn something.