We do like to hold grudges, even though we would claim our benevolence and renounce any past claims of feelings or emotion it’s clear that w found hasn’t fully healed.

I’ve noticed a great many will go out of their way to take digs and try to make the now lost apple of their eye feel like they’ve lost out, while it’s understandable why people would do it, this act shows only their hurt, it rarely makes the other party feel they should go running back.

This has happened many times in this sultry life of mine, and with each new person they follow the same pattern, or rather, I follow the same pattern of looking for that something unique only to find the mundane and discard it once there is no longer any allure.

You could say that makes me a bad person and I wouldn’t disagree.

The funny thing is I won’t change, not really, people can’t be anything other than what they are, we just get better at hiding it and sparing those innocent few from getting dragged in to the nebulous that is our life.

At least I can sit and smile knowing all the people who hold a grudge settled, there’s nothing wrong with settling after all, it’s what plenty of people do who don’t want to be alone.

I wonder how many more unfortunate grudges I will amass…. I guess time will tell.