Some controlled overhearing was done today.

You might call it eavesdropping, either way, it made for an interesting 5min.

It’s funny how people are happy to let go of something that they’e only invested time, money or both in, yet the second they invest emotion, that’s where the claws will sink an and a ferocious fight to hold on will ensue.

No one wants to waste their emotion, yet even if they know putting in any more to be futile they will still continue to throw more at a futile situation because of pride and ego.

After all, the biggest blow to the ego is admitting it was wrong.

This, from what I can see, is why people stay in toxic situations, hopeless endeavours and give themselves to a lost cause, it’s sad really. Cutting off is a lost talent that many don’t possess anymore, maybe it’s time to teach people this skill so that they can save themselves.

Unlike money and such things that can be replaced, we only have so much emotion to give, once it’s spent you don’t get it back, it just dwindles away and all that ends up let tis a bitter husk of a once hopeless dreamer who put too much in to someone hoping they’d change when they never did.

Emotion is worth more than gold, spend it wisely.