A face from old came to me today.

Battle worn and beaten by his drug addiction he was living rough, while I offered no words of solace I was polite enough to not treat him like dirty, as many others did this morning as they walked past him.

A £1 coffee was nothing to afford really, it’s only a £1 after all.

He then told me of his woes for a short time, them went to sit outside.

Leaning in towards a couple of ladies they give him a cigarette, a small crumb to keep him occupied as they finish their tea and make their escape. It’s sad to see people fall so far, yet we all have our own issues and demons, while everyone gets dragged down at one time or another it’s still a choice to let it reach that point.

Not being the most sympathetic person I find my charity is not forthcoming.

We are all born in to struggle, well, most of us are anyway.

Products of broken marriages to fix a problem that was already beyond repair, we are the proof that problems can’t be fixed by trying to create a focused unity through common interest. If anything we a the evidence that it never works, it just serves to divide an already fractured relationship, then we become leverage, tools as it were.

What a life, eh.

I don’t know why this young man fell so far, truth be told I don’t much care. Life would go on wither without him and while I don’t wish a fall on anyone, my opinion on the matter will do nothing to change it, perhaps may others feel this way and hat is why we live in a broken world, who knows, or more importantly, who really cares.