I’ve never seen the film District 9.

It came up on Netflix, having finished a boat load of admin and various other writing tasks I decided to give it a watch.

What I saw hit home more than I ever imagined it would.

The premise of the film is simple, it’s not about aliens, rather how we treat those that are different from us – “They’re not even human, they need to go, we don’t want them here.” – there is a lot of power in that one line from a sideline character because if you look back at our history, human history, this can be applied to a great many situations.

As a people we can be incredibly kind, yet at the drop of a hair we can turn and throw that attitude of benevolence out of the window.

Even though it was a film it really highlighted just how we are at a base level.

If we feel superior we will have no problems treating others like trash, tools or charity cases, depending on the needs of our egos or best interests. It’s no surprise as we are the top of the food chain, the most intellectually blessed species on the planet, as far as many are concerned, we’re god.

We’ve put ourselves on a very high pedestal and keep reaching to climb to an even higher one and I’m sure with each technological, medical and revolutionary breakthrough we will reach that next step towards the heavens, however we will eventually fall and when that happens, when the inevitable collapse comes, anarchy will rule. We will regress back to our base instincts, those ones that we deny but present themselves in micro-aggressions, how we treat those we see as beneath us, the quint essential facts that make us animals who’s only goal is to survive and procreate, don’t ever forget it.

It’s safe to say District 9 really got me thinking about a great many things, the biggest one being the fact that when we are threatened, when our survival is on the line there’s only two options; 1 – we survive, 2 – we go extinct and let something else stand atop the pedestal.

I guess time will tell.