With all the different places I get to visit these days I get to be a part of a very large societal circle.

Witnessing the changes in the dynamic of each is quite fascinating.

Some are kind, others are cruel. Some watch as the world goes by and other meander around like helpless fools. Yet we all have at least one thing in common…

We all want to fit in somewhere.

In a world filled with so many ugly traits, there are a few beautiful ones, yet these exceptions are what many think is the norm when they’re not, they’re the exception, even if that shouldn’t be the case. It seems people will only pursue those kinds of act when it benefits them directly, otherwise ‘someone else can do it’ – what a world, huh.

Personally I’m no exception to this, even more so now.

I’d like to think myself as not a total ass hole, however lifts lessons tell me differently and any selfless act is never truly selfless anyway, not when you think about it and as such we do what we can, for who we deem worthy of such benevolence. The irony of being kind is that it has to be deserved, even if that’s not how it should be, that’s how we are as a people.

Life is an interesting mess of contradiction and favour, isn’t it.