The old really are cantankerous these days, or at least they seem more so than before.

They moan at the slightest thing, almost as if they are that bored they need to give their life purpose by picking holes in everything.

I had one give me grief this morning while walking to my favoured coffee house. I was on the outside edge of the sidewalk, as was he, I wanted to see what would happen, he made not attempt to move, as expected and so we almost collided. I gave a friendly “My fault, I was in a world of my own.” – I wasn’t, I was simply bored and wanted to see what would happen.

He said nothing until I walked past and started swearing in my direction, for anarchies sake I simply said “I beg your pardon?” and turned around, he continued to curse and walk away, me being bored myself I decided to take a few steps back and stop in front of him. As you can imagine he stopped his profanity and shit himself.

Now I was never going to do anything, I just wanted to see his reaction and it was that of a typical bully, he got scared.

It’s truth there was no need for any of this to happen, however it’s something I see happen quite a lot, the elderly will rant and rave at the young, often with some very choice words and usually the kids get intimidated, thus giving the old their taste of power and control once again. It could just be the area I live in but there’s a lot of asshats like this around.

I’m all for keeping my head down and letting a few things go these days, however it’s quite nice to cause a stir now and again, just because nothing ever happens. It’s quite a self destructive trait of mine, almost like I’m waiting for someone to take a swing and land a solid connection all so that I can feel alive again.

What a world we live in eh.