Why do people believe things that are clearly bullshit?

Is it because they want to have an easy option out, perhaps it’s just to confirm a bias in the hope that one day it will change what is otherwise called ‘fact’ or maybe, just maybe they are just that naive.

I’ve been in this place, I speak from experience in terms of being an idiot.

Wanting to believe what was easier or less painful is a futile place to be in and only prolongs the inevitable, in the end you can’t escape truth.

It’s so common these days to see everyone hoping for the magic answer, the quick fix, the easy out.

While listening to a conversation today it was rife with both parties massaging each others ego and while I have no real right to judge, from experience it is clear they’re both fast approaching a rude awakening that will leave them hurt and in disbelief, this is not a place people should ever really have to go because it’s not a nice place to be in. yet if you were to try and help them, save them from this mistake if you will, they won’t listen just  because we all know best, at least before we fuck it all up that is.


Reading back through what I write I do wonder if everything I see is projections of my bias and past experience, masked under the guise of “I just want to help people” – It would seem even after all this time I’m still trying to attain redemption, forgiveness for past wrongs, however no one will give them to me.

Forgiveness is a concept but it’s not one that is actually true, no one every really forgives, they say they do but let’s be honest, if someone has done you wrong you won’t ever really forgive, it will always be there in your mind, read to get thrown at them when the need arises and a wounding blow of shame needs to be dealt.

What a wrapped perspective of life I have.