Safe to say I got some funny looks drinking milk this morning, however it was good milk so I have no regrets, unlike the heart broken girl sat with her friend.

You can imagine the conversation.

She loved him so much, he was the one, she doesn’t understand where it went wrong and so on.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that one simple truth as to why most relationships end; they’re just not that in to you.

Our culture seems less and less stable when it comes to partnerships these days. No one want to be in long term relationships anymore because they always seem to be a raw deal for one party. Look at marriage with kids, it ends in divorce and the guy gets royally screwed over and often leaves with nothing, then you have the pressure on young woman make a family/home before they hit a certain again and their ‘clock’ runs out, is it any wonder no one wants to settle these days?

So much pressure.

While it is only my personal view, I feel that things are too forced these days. Too many want the happy pictures and perfect Facebook relationship and are more interested in how people perceive their relationship than actually finding a relationship that would be good for them.

I suppose one could go as far as to say what happen to love?

Many claim to love, but few really know what it is to love, at least from what I see anyway.

We’ve become desperate, incredibly desperate, scared to be alone in fact.

Seeing the tears stream from her eyes was saddening because it’s not nice to see people hurt or upset, even though it’s an inevitable part of life.

I wonder how long her heart break will last before she rounds and more importantly I wonder how long his wanderlust will last before he realises he made a mistake letting this one go.

Men, such idiots we are.