Woman truly are empathetic creatures, well, to a point.

A group of three were chatting today and sharing their tales of woe, or at least two of them shared a brief account of their ills and then one took over the conversation and made everything about her.

Ladies, how can you put up with this?

Time after time I’ve seen this and once the scene stealer leaves all the bitch begins, every single time. It’s a bit sad really.

Why do people hide in the disguise of a’good friend who listens’ only to be instantly tired of their shit and slag them off once they leave?

Psychologically I understand, however there are parts of my brain hat still go “????” because some harsh reality would save a lot of back and forth, not to mention the falling out when they eventually find out about all the chatter behind their back.

This world is both simple and complicated, filled with knowledge & intrigue and for this I’m truly thankful I’m alive to witness all the little idiosyncrasies people have to offer.

It’s why I sit alone in coffee shops.