Today is the day.

That ominous day in the UK that the people will vote.

Do I care what happens?

Not really, either way change will happen, people will moan, then life will go one, that’s just how these things work.

As each day draws to a close I find myself edging ever closer to living off the grid, to disappearing as it were. Once the opportunity comes to sever my earthly tethers I will have to choose and once the choice is made I have to run with it and never look back.

I’ve noticed too many people spend their life looking back. In a time long past I was one of those people, then I got older and realised it changed nothing so why dwell on it. Many will post up some form of status akin to benevolence, you know the type “Be the change you want to see.” or some such bollocks, morons.

Shit happens, bad people get away with doing bad things, such is the epitome of human history.

I will vote, I won’t share it, I will just accept what price comes with at that vote because that’s what adults do. We suck it up and keep moving forwards.

Always forwards.

Also, this sponge is a light as a cloud yet it melts in the mouth like snow on a warm summers day, leaving a blissful explosion of taste after each bite, delicious.