Strange how people expect others to take up the slack for their choices.

As a people we’ve gone wrong somewhere along the line, when did being selfish suddenly become acceptable in some instances?

Take a person who wants a child, they can trick someone in to doing what they need though lies and deceit, then demand everything with an iron fist, yet if the other party opposes this then they’re the monster.

After witnessing the argument over this today in the coffee shop it’s easy to see the grummet from both sides of the fence, but to me this begs the question, was it right for one to lie to the other to get what they wanted, especially when that involved a child that was not wanted by the other party involved.

From my point of view it’s a cruel thing to do, it destroys two lives in order to give theirs purpose and unconditional love.

Many would argue that what’s done is done and now there is duty to be there for the child, which in that regard they’re not wrong, but it is fair for one person to do this to another, is it right?

And people wonder why there are trust issues in the world.