“Do you believe in our Lord and saviour?”

My answer was in the form of a question.

“Can you tell me why I must believe in the Lord?”

After listening I could see why they have faith, or at least from my perspective.

They wanted a reason for life, a reason for the bad things, they wanted to know that they, themselves would be rewarded with the gift of Heaven once they die.

I don’t know if there is a god, it hasn’t been proven, nor will it ever be, it’s a non important factor in the way of the world.

People want to have faith, which they’re welcome to have, but they still welcome medical advances and life saving treatment.

Would my heart match the feather on the scales when my time comes?

Maybe, maybe not.

Might go to heaven, hell or possibly just fade away in to nothing.

Regardless of which it is, it hold nothing over me because I’m still breathing, I’m still alive, able to make good and bad choices. To have faith is a wonderful thing, but as the world has shown it can also be a destructive one.

The way I see it is simple, the last time religion was the controlling factor in the world that period of time was known as the Dark Ages, it was science that changed that.

Was our science a gift from God, who knows, who cares.

Live by what ever faith you choose, you’ll find out if it was worth it when you die.