It’s funny how some people choose to remain in your life, even after the wrongs you put upon them.

What’s more is now it’s time to help them mend what was their perfect ending, broken by the complexities of life.

She looked so sad, it was behind her eyes, she wanted and answer different from he one she’d already come to  herself, even though she knows there isn’t one. I gave the only advice I could, and that was to be true to herself because things can either be accepted or they can’t. It’s all on her to move forwards in unity or to let it all go.

Hopefully she will pick well and trust her judgement.

It was sad to see how much hurt this caused her, especially considering he is a good man who loves her dearly. With luck they will overcome this small hurdle and all will be well, all be it without absolute closure or resolution.

I had to admit to her that sometimes there are no resolutions, there is no closure, there is only what is and if that is enough then make peace with it, or don’t.

I’ve never really known if the choices I’ve made in the past have always been the right ones, all I’ve known is that I made them and for better or worse I stuck with them because that’s what you’re meant to do once you’ve made one.