Travel has once again been a staple part of my life.

Going up and down the country is not the worst thing to be doing because it gives various opportunities to sit in a lot of different coffee shops and simply sit and observe what is going on around.

The main thing that I’ve noticed it that you have the same people in different places.

You got the older gentleman reading the paper, the young couple still entrenched in the honeymoon period of the relationship, the young mums with screaming kids and 101 bags haring off their shoulders, the office workers, the romantic encounters of both legitimate and secret nature.

Where ever I go I see the same people with different faces, yet there is one I can’t find.

Just like any human filled with vanity and pride, I take the time to look for the other person like me. The one watching, observing, noticing all the little things and yet I can never spot them. You’d think this would be the easier person to spot because they’re the spot similar, however like the wind they might be there but not seen.

I’m not unique, that much is very clear to me, so why can’t I find my counterpart… Strange, wouldn’t you agree?