The events of the last couple of days have been horrific.

While there will be time to grieve and pay homage, life will still continue and for a while people will be vigilant, some will even fain their interest in helping the cause and more importantly the victims families and those who have been affected by it all.

Eventually though the social media feeds will return to selfies, pictures of dogs and memes and what happened will be a sad memory of an unfortunate time.

Human history is one of war and savagery.

Innocents get caught in the middle, good people get hurt, it’s a sad fact that this is life.

If you look to world news of speak to people from other countries you hear some truly horrific stories and understand why so many flee their homeland. The world has just as much beauty as it does carnage, we should count ourselves lucky we’re shielded from the latter, some people don’t ever have that luxury, remember that.