Given we live in a world where everyone is always connected, a great many people feel alone.

Some find comfort in this, others madness.

The coffee shops over the last few days have been very quiet, especially considering I’ve been in central London. It seems no one wants to stay in them very long anymore, they sit, drink and leave within minutes.

I feel a desire for more knowledge creeping up on me.

There are more questions that are revealing themselves to me and this for once isn’t a good thing.

If I had to explain it, it’s like I’m walking towards a door and the end of a very long corridor and when I learn what is behind the door will change my life forever. Once it is open it can’t be closed and if I step in to it I can’t turn around and as such my mind is becoming foggy and distracting me from the door. Yet I can still see it, out of the corner of my eye, just out of sight but still there, I’m still aware of it.

What is behind that door?

Salvation, retribution or ruination.