I’ve never noticed just how many young people are on their way to college before.

There is a hoard of them, all glued to their phones.

Is this what the generation that preceded mine started to see when they came to the end of the first third of their life?

It begs the question of what their parents thought because they didn’t have anything close to the technology we had even 40 years ago.

Things have changed so much when you really look at it all. There have been some massive developments in technology and yet it seems a regression in society.

So many groups in the coffee shop with me, all interacting via selfies, snap chat and digital chatter on their laptops.

There’s but three conversations going on. THREE! Out of 17 groups by my count.

How is this possible?

Surely the changes happened over time but now they’re everywhere to be seen, or is it just how I now see the world that has changed. Have I grown or simply just realised how naive I am. So many questions, none of which I will ever get answered, probably.

Guess this is how Captain America felt when he woke up.