It’s always interesting to sit and see the different emotions flowing though the room.

Sometimes it even makes you yearn for such things as well, yet each time you’ve had the chance good old self-sabotage kicks in because that’s just how you are.

An old friend once told me that she felt there isn’t just one person for everyone and that there are several you can experience that kind of happiness with, at the time I was doubtful, yet over the years I’ve met several people that actually give validity to what she said all those years ago.

As you can imagine though, each time the default kicked in and it was long before running away.

It’s scary when these people somehow find their way in.

You don’t plan it, you don’t even invite them, you simply turn around one day and there they are. Closer than anyone else has ever been and the craziest thing is that they actually care, they accept everything. All the good, bad and indifferent, everything.

Leaving you feeling exposed, vulnerable to it all and that’s a scary place to be.

When you look hard enough you can see all amongst all the young couple who is getting ready to run. One day they’ll look back at all the things they could of said, should of said, would of said, if they’d but taken the risk.

If you’re in a place like this, about to run, stop and give it some thought because once you run, you it can’t be undone.