I find it amazing how rude people can be.

If you make eye contact, direct eye contact and get a friendly hello, it shows a lot about you if you then shoot your eyes to the floor in the hope you weren’t seen and decide not to respond.

Everyone knows you made eye contact, now you just look like a tool for voiding a friendly and polite “Hello” as a response.

The ignorance of people is truly  astounding.

They say if you want to know the measure of a person you should see how they treat waiting staff, shop clerks and anyone who is paid to serve you. I’d like to add to that, you can tell the type of person they are by how they treat the polite customers who always make time to remember previous conversations and as genuine questions to break up their day, and how they treat those customers when they are not paid to do so.

You’ll find it’s often something along the lines of ‘Oh, please don’t see me or speak to me.’ then they ignore you because they assume you want a 15min chat, when all you were planning on doing was a friendly hello and have a good day.

There is no need to be rude, it’s just not cricket.

The youth of today are a out cause indeed.