What I witnessed this morning literally broke my heart.

While minding my own business… well, people watching and seeing everyone else go about their business is what I should say. I was in a students coffee shop, it seemed like a very chilled palace, with decent music and a good atmosphere, that was until a certain person walked in that is.

A very tall, wide shouldered young man, with a jaw that would make desperate Dan envious and arms easily the size of my leg.

He walk in and made a direct beeline to a chap who was sat with some of his female friends, at first I thought ‘He seems overly friendly’ as he said hi to all the ladies but then he began to leer over the lad and proceeded to say some rather nasty things.

Not long after his onslaught he left.

The lad held himself together well, or so I felt anyway, then he burst in to tears and started telling his friends how this is the exact reason why he is scared to go anywhere, because of that guy.

Now as you might have guessed I’m not the most emotional person but that broke my heart to hear. No one should be afraid to go anywhere.

I was listening intently to what he had to say, I don’t know much time passed but his face suddenly dropped as the same guy walked back in and straight for him again.

Stupidly I interjected with “What’s the problem here.” and got “The fuck are you?”. I don’t have time to mess around, he was far bigger and stronger than me but guessing he was a bully I decided to play my gambit “I’m the guy who is going to put you in the hospital if you don’t leave in the next 5 seconds, I will even let you choose what limbs I break as I’m a nice cunt like that.” it was at this moment I realised just how stupid what I just said was.

He glared at me, moved in closer and said “You ain’t worth it.” and left.

My heart was going a million miles per hour, I was scared, although according to the girls and the young lad I didn’t look it. I wished them well and was on my way.

Why did I get involved?

I always have when it comes to bullies. After being bullied for years myself it’s horrible to see it happen to others, then being foolish I get involved and cause myself hassle, I’d like to think one day someone would step in and help me out if I needed it. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will.