It seems once again the world has returned to normality.

The streets are filled with men & women in suits, business attire, immaculate shoes and umbrellas galore.

You can’t be too careful with the weather these days.

There are even some kids playing hooky from school, oh how those were truly easy days. No worries, just uninterrupted ignorant bliss, I miss those days. Although it seems the youth of today are incredibly influenced by some extreme free thinking movements, while such things are saying they encourage freedom of thought, individuality and acceptance of all, they certainly seem to oppose people with differing opinions.

Life has always had that element of double standards and it always will.

People are happiest when everything is going their way, which is understandable, it’s only human nature after all and we can’t hate for being anything more than we are at a base level of instinct and survival now can we.

It seems the clouds have cleared and all that can be seen is radiant blue skies, time for a walk with my thoughts.