I find myself staring at the chip in this cup I hold.

How did it happen?

Was it an accident or not?

When will the chip turn in to a crack and the crack in to a full break?

I started to think that people are like cups. All created for some purpose, in all different shapes and sizes.

Some get damaged, put on the shelve and forgotten, others still muddle through and find a use, then others fall apart completely to be discarded without a second thought.

If we break a cup we don’t hesitate to replace it, yet we could fix it, with a variety of methods and in doing so make it stronger and perhaps more beautiful than it was before. What is the technique called, Kintsugi I believe. You fix a broken item with gold and what was seen as a flaw is now considered beautiful.

Why don’t we do this with people?

Why don’t we do this with ourselves?

In our judgemental world anything that is perceived as less than perfect is not worth out time, when in fact with a little time, care and a attention what was once broken can again become whole.