Since being told to try some green tea with added fenugreek a well needed catch up was in order.

It’s funny to see how people change and grow, how they cast of their worries and the glimpses of the person they are you used to see have finally broken through, allowing them to become who they really are.

Some end up arrogant, others passive, many submissive and a rare few become very self aware and wise to the way of things.

One such friend has become a strong you woman and it’s good to see.

What was once a shy, reserved, fragile young thing has done what many won’t and taken the steps to go through those tough times undeterred and keep moving forwards, an inspiration to all.

I wonder what makes people less inclined to grow, not just our comfort zones and social standings but what internally.

Why do they have no fire?

No desire?

It makes you wonder, what is the point of you.

Always seeking to understand how people work can be an interesting vice to have, but at least it’s never boring.