Seven out of seventeen.

That’s how many people are talking to each other, the rest, even though in groups or pairs are all on their phones.

The seven not plugged in, the generation of old, everyone else are millennials so I’m told.

Is this what life is now?

People no longer want to talk or create a strong bond?

Is there any wonder why anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses have risen so much in recent times?

We are protected by a screen, we don’t have to face a situation head on, we can hide and that has made people weak mentally. In times where we had no choice but to tackle things head on we were tougher, now the slightest thing can offend, upset or cause people to crumble.

I fear for the modern world.

As a species we are not meant for this power, we are nothing but hunters and savages at heart, born to survive, adapt and overcome the odds. With this taken away from us we will act out, chaos will be the result I’m sure of it.

It’s fair to say I’m scared because each day that goes by leaves people like me behind.

Written from a Mac, surrounded by people and yet so alone, ironic really.