While immersed in a book a gentle sobbing  can be heard.

Out of sight but not hard to find.

Turning to speak to the troubled teen I ask what is wrong, judging by the look my guess was it had something to do with a break up. Relationship troubles look different from others, I son’t know why, they just do.

It turns out they’d lost their other half to someone else who was everything they were not and worst of all they were happier now.

The desperate cries were sadly being wasted because nothing was going to change.

This split had happened close to a year ago I was told, surprising how they still loved them even after such time had passed, however the refusal to let go was causing them more harm than good.

It’s not uncommon to want to hold on to that which we cherish but once something is gone, it’s gone. I told them to hold on to the good memories and eventually learn to forget them, otherwise they’d never move on.

Seeing people upset is never nice.

What’s worse is when people do it to themselves and stop moving forwards. They simply stagnate and stay in one place.

The majority of people have to go through several heart aches before they learn what is truly important to them.

I can’t tell you what that is, it’s different for everyone.

To some it’s devotion, others ask for support, a few want usual agreement, there is no one answer.

Mine is trust, only a few ever get it and then they can do with it as they choose, but once broken it’s never repaired.

What’s most important to you?