The look on the waiters face when he brought the meals to me was amusing.

A crips bacon, egg and salmon breakfast muffin, triple stack pancakes with fruit and finally a grilled chicken club sandwich.

I don’t know it he was impressed or disgusted, either way, the menu was too good to only have one meal from.

As I sat easting the mini feast a group of CrossFit acolytes sat at a table across from me, all of which too a look at my meals disapprovingly, I guess they weren’t 100% paleo enough for them.

Not realising I only had one head phone in the proceeded to talk about me, quietly, but talk about me never the less. I found it fairly amusing, especially since all they know was anecdotal and not very logical. A couple tried to sound more intelligent by showing in some ‘studies’ and ‘science’, while they sounded good to their cohorts, it made no sense and was largely wrong from my perspective, amazing what a quick search in to medical journals can confirm/disprove.

We are an interesting species, always looking for a group to feel secure and a part of, yet so quick to scorn others who don’t share the same views.

I’m guilty of it, are you too?