Another day of drinking tea.

While not a bad life in the grand scheme of things it does leave one wanting more.

From the window all of the office workers can be seen, going to the 9-5 purgatory they complain about, but at least it’s ‘stable’, they have no real worries, they got the life they wanted, of sorts.

Working for yourself is an interesting place to be in, you can do what you want but you also have to do what you need, otherwise you don’t survive.

Everything has pros & cons.

In the end though we all become part of the machine that makes the word go around, working hard to make enough to pay bills and have what is considered a ‘decent’ life only to have a large chunk of our hard earned money taken because that’s what the powers that be demand.

A mockery of justice really.

People see it as simply a contribution to the constitution and never for what it really is, a tax on life.

We are made to pay to exist. Made to pay to live on a planet that doesn’t ever see an ounce of that money because it doesn’t ask for it, it’s on the people who run the world who make that choice.

Who’d ever have thought we’d have to pay for being alive.