It would seem a young lad has been stood up.

He sits there on his own with two flat whites. I would say it’s been close to 25min and he hasn’t touched his yet, chances are who ever he was waiting for isn’t going to show.

It makes you wonder what sort of person they are, along with what sort of person he is. Is the solitude deserved or did the other person simply forget or perhaps got a better, more favourable offer from someone they valued more.

Looks like the start of the age old chain of Bitches & Assholes.

You know the one, right?

It can start with either, but we will use this young man as todays catalyst.

A nice guy gets hurt by a bitch, he then becomes and asshole who in return hurts a nice girl, she becomes a bitch and finds a nice guy to teach this lesson, thus making another ass hole continuing the cycle.

Just once it would be nice not to see this happen, sadly those times are few and far between.