After much deliberation a very sad conclusion has been reached.

It seems apparent that the world is full of bad people who do good things, rather than good people who do bad things.

Take a loot at the grand scheme of things the bad always seems to outweigh the good and that is not for lack of searching for those rays of light breaking through the overcast sky, it’s just because they’re not there, or at least not in the amount that some would like to believe. It makes you wonder what really drives people in this complicated age.

In the beginning there was an essential need for only Water, Food & Shelter. This would mean killing animals for survival, protecting your current place of rest from intruders and the forces of nature. We were born out of struggle and a desperate need to survive, but most no longer have that problem, as a result they get bored, act out and self destruct.

Most of us want for nothing anymore, we are protected, so much so we don’t even know it. There is always a safety net there for us, even if it can’t be seen. Realistically no matter how ‘bad’ life seems in the first world it’s still better than what goes on outside our vision.

Psychotic as it might seem, sometimes the thought of a global catastrophe sings to mind, something to force everyone back in to the realm of survival instead of suffocating comfort. How would we cope? How would we survive? Who would we turn to for protection? All status would be wiped clean, senators, diplomats, the 100 on the rich list, none of it would matter, we’d be free.

Such thoughts are that of a child screaming in an attempt to understand its place in this day and age.