After deciding to sit outside in the gentle sun with a nice cold glass of Oj a couple of passing strangers, who seemed friendly enough, decided to talk about ‘Our Lord and Saviour’ – Sometimes making eye contact and smiling clearly isn’t always the best option.

Several minutes of listening later and it was time for the conversation to end, however they had other ideas.

More time passed and I thought I would test the limits of their faith. Upon asking if I would be accepted by their Lord they had a resounding “Yes, everyone is welcome, we can all go to our church and introduce you to our fellow brothers and sisters.”, I simply smiled, and said “That’s great, can we just wait for my boyfriend in that case.”. They smiled, wished me a good day and promptly left, apparently the house of god ins;t all welcoming.

The funniest part about my elaborate ruse is that is showed how bias religion really is. It certainly gave some understating as to why people who do have sam sex partners dislike the church as much as they do.

Funny how a religion will only help those it deems fit, and people wonder why I choose science over faith.