So yesterday was the big 30. Life is technically all down hill from now on, apparently.

People seem to forget that it’s the little things that get noticed the most, those unexpected gestures from unlikely people that actually have quite a big impact on who you see a person.

Close friends fell short in their sincerity while the people who I’ve sat with to listen to tales of woe all made time to come say happy birthday or have a good old fashion tea. While personally I expect nothing it was a nice surprise and did show just where you sit on the scale of peoples minds.

I’ve never been one for the big things, they’re nothing special, it’s the small subtle moments that mean the most, those that will go unnoticed if you blink. Let’s see if if I can do the same for people.

My world here is slowly falling apart, nothing though disaster but age, everything is now old and has no place left really, time for a change. New location, new life, new meaning with old friends.