Well this morning was certainly eventful.

An argument sparked over a lady using the female toilets, she was attacked (verbally) by other woman because she was unique in terms of her personal situation.

It was quite sad to hear some vicious comments such as “You’re not a real woman” & “I don’t feel safe with a man dressed as a womanising our toilets.” and others with more, shall we say colourful words.

This got the coffee shop hermit thinking. With all the different views on what classifies as ‘gender’ who was in the right and who was in the wrong?

If we look biologically/genetically/anatomically, an argument for this lady not being welcomed in to the female toilets can be put together based on logic, however if it is based on emotion and what people identify as then things start to get tricky. This is not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in, however the chances of it happening are ever increasing.

We all try to respect peoples feelings, however what is the best course of action?

Be dammed if I know.