They come to the coffee shop together and the first thing he does is open his Mac and proceed to scroll through Facebook and type away as she tries to have a conversation with him…

What is this madness?

This lone tea drinker can’t say much as this is being written from a laptop, however there is no company present.

What happened to human communication?

People are so scared to interact, make eye contact and be in the moment these days. No wonder there is more ‘social anxiety’ and similar issues in the modern age. People have done it to themselves. So much so that it is fashionable and that’s the frightening thing.

It seems that the more problems get diagnosed the more people jump on the band wagon.

That’s not to say these issues aren’t real, however the world and the people in it got on just fine before everything needed a label. True some had it harder than others, but they still managed to find their way because quite frankly they had no other choice, not today though, they’re all molly coddled and that is am big problem in the eyes of this forgotten relic.

Oh well, my thoughts are with them.