The next time you sit in a window at your coffee shop and watch all the people that walk by, you’ll find quite a large majority make eye contact but very few of them will smile at you.

It’s a strange little pastime of this coffee shop loner, but a smile will be offered to anyones who makes eye contact, usually it is met by them looking immediately down or away, almost scared that if they smile back they will have invited the devil in to their soul. It’s quite sad really, because what used to be common courtesy is now seen as ‘harassment’ or ‘oppression of the patriarchy’, sad times.

You’re likely to be hung drawn and quartered if you dare say hello to a stranger anymore.

The funny thing is the only people who ever respond with a polite smile or a friendly hello are those over the age of 60. As each day passes there are less and less of them, the generation that still had manners and respect for each other.

Chances are people won’t agree with that statement written above, however out of everyone in my circle, there is myself and one other person who will hold doors open for people and pull out a chair for the other person if we are with company. This was done recently for a friends friend and she had nothing but contempt for this action and how is was a subtle gesture to show the dominance over her. I thought it was just being polite as I’d done it for our mutual friend, but apparently not.

It seems that sinister motives must be behind everything in our modern world and no one can just do something because it’s polite and how you were brought up to be, you know, not an ass hole.

Being not half way through the time granted on this earth (by modern standards) there is already an overwhelming feeling that there is nowhere left to belong. It feels like one is becoming a living relic, bound to gather dust and sit on the fringe because that is the safest place to be where there is no chance of offending people because of how fragile they’ve become.

What happened to the world or perhaps the question should be, what happened to me…