Not but a few days ago someone who commands great respect was stuck down with stroke like symptoms, however it can be said that all is as good as can be and there seems to be no permeant damage, form what’s been said.

This got the the mechanics of the mind working this morning.

There lies a man who has had a rather tough life thus far. Through all the small victories there has been more shit flung his way, yet his attitude is one that transcends description in mere words. The spirit of a true warrior resides in that body.

When all is said and done we are all only one bad day away from being in a similar places.

Treasure your time, make a choice be it right or wrong, don’t spend your life sitting on the fence or being dragged along by the current of modern times. Be your own person, for in the end once looks have faded or illness strikes you down, all you will have left is who you are and the only person that has to live with that knowledge when words have left you and your last breath draws near is you.

Make sure you can do so without hesitation, otherwise you might just realise you’ve wasted your life.