This is a nice coffee shop, almost everyone is chatting and not one person seems to be on an electronic device, well… except for this humble loner documenting what’s going on.

Being a more rustig style of shop it does not attract the younger generation, a curiosity has become apparent, it’s time to finish the last drop of tea and walk to a more modern place to see the difference.

Off to Starbucks we go.

What a difference… There are similar numbers but their average age is more than half that of the previous venue and as suspected almost all are distracted from heir conversations by their phones or tablets. The cultural difference is amazing, but is it really for the best?

As time goes on we are meant to evolve and reach new heights however it seems that this generation are for lack of a better description ‘socially awkward’ because they have no idea how to communicate beyond the confines of their cybernetic world  of zeroes and ones. If this really the future?

The fear is that if the future prodigies of the world are not careful the dystopian future of Walle (yep, the disney movie) is likely to happen. Selective breeding, obese incapacitated humans fed through a straw with no purpose other than to gorge, grow fat and die.

Given this thought it’s time to finish this daily musing and see who will interact on a face to face premise.

After all, we must be the example and lead the way for others to follow.

Wish me luck.