It is often he way that we are corralled in to one group of the other.

You know, you can only be kind and not tough, or logical but emotionless and so on.

What if you don’t just want to be apart of one group though, what if you want to be kind, logical, tough, fearless, caring, ruthless, everything that would make a well rounded person, an enlightened person.

How could you achieve it?

With balance would be the answer.

They say you should always follow your heart, however you’d also do well to remember to take your brain along as well, otherwise you might find yourself in a spot of bother because of those ever so complicated and self betraying emotions.

To be aware and establish a connection between head and heart is a rare thing, so rare that it only happens when life is nearing it’s end because you now realise the true meaning of what it is to be connected, to be whole.

We can aspire to be more than yesterday and hope to be better still when tomorrow comes around. Wouldn’t you agree?