The weekend just gone was indeed an interesting one.

A slight altercation with the rather rude individual was not the smartest thing to have been done, however he will  hopefully have learnt his lesson and learn some humility for his future dealings with staff.

Since the mornings have now become free ones place/purpose is rather up in the air. Is this what people refer to when they speak of having an existential crisis, it does make you wonder.

We all seek a purpose, something to do, somewhere to be, regardless of how much people complain about their situations they secretly love them because of the comfort received for their time given to the mundane. Once you find this has been removed and you’re at a loose end, it makes you see how replaceable you truly are.

In these times we try to fill the void with anything.

Reading, writing, music, learning a new skill, spending money, anything we can do to stave off thought is welcomed. It’s a fancy way of hiding procrastination for most.

Believe it or not, you enjoy working in your dull little office job. You enjoy the mundane existence and monotony that comes with it because you enjoy being a part of the machine, whether you’re a cog in it, the monkey that sits atop or the organ grinder. So long as you’re in a place that allows you to feel needed, that’s all that matters.

Routine, it demands you to follow it.