Don’t you just love it when you sit down for a nice relaxing drink and an argument erupts not but 10 feet way from you.

The people in question were a typical white male who was out to oppress anyone and everyone and the hero of the hour was a young feminist fighting for justice, or at least that’s the side of the story some would want you to believe.

As an outsider what was witnessed was very different.

Their conversation started out very civil and got on to the subject of her affinity at her guidance, then he said the unthinkable…

“That’s great, yet isn’t feminism about equality for all  regardless of gender rather than just trying to get one up on men?”

To see someone flip so quickly over such a simple statement. She defended in to explaining the hidden plans of the patriarchy and much more, however a lot of what was said was not really relevant considering all he said was about equality for all rather then one oppressed then oppressing the other.

The verbal castration went on for some time and then much to everyones surprise she threw coffee in his face. It was at this moment the time had become right to step in and tell them to calm down, and for this good deed a swift right hook came my way, now not wanting to be hit a simple lean away was sufficient enough to evade it, however her momentum sent her spinning on the spot and she fell over and started screaming that she had been hit.

It was like the scream of the banshee, frightening and evil.

Thankfully several people saw this was utter bollocks and a couple of ladies came to aid us. Then the young lady turned on them, her own brethren in her words from not more than 5 minutes ago.

Angry and frustrated she left.

We all then sat together to see who the young lad was doing, apart from the shock and coffee socked clothes he was okay. There was a look of dismay in his face, it was at this point the two ladies who came to our aid explained they too had the feminist view of equality that he had, turns out they were listening in as well, and that his ‘friends’ reaction was not warranted and very misguided.

It made for a fascinating string of thoughts, the angry one and the two calm ones said very similar things but with very different contexts.

What is the view of this musing loner?

It’s simple, we are all just people. There will be good ones, bad ones, extreme ones and placid ones. Some on the left and others on the right, the rest will be on the fence but regardless of where you are, you treat others with respect, dignity and common decency, you will reap what you sow and the first offence can be forgiven it’s just an accident, the second is coincidence and again forgivable, but a third time is enemy action and consequences will follow which usually end up to a person being alone and hated.

Hopefully one day people will realise that life is too short for labels and hate and simply just enjoy life while we still have it, after all, we’re only here once.