So the new barista, she’s cute, a devilish smile and sparkle in her eye showing she has not yet become jaded by the world. Let’s hope she stays that way.

After a short chat it turns out she studies psychology, as many seem to do this day and age int he hope that they will work within a practice and help people, obviously for the sheer satisfaction of helping them and not the NHS salary/fringe benefits that come with it, obviously.

The conversation was short, but her attention was clearly elsewhere, not on work, but somewhere else entirely, such detachment is always fascinating and can’t help but make you wonder what or who is on their mind, it’s usually a who from experience.

Perhaps this sit alone coffee shop comrade has read in to things too much, become too jaded to see anything but the possibility of the negative, either way interest has been peaked and the lust for knowing is once again tugging at the trouser leg like a child pulling you towards the sweet isle.

To know what makes people tick, fascinating. Or perhaps it’s searching that in hope one day someone will be clever enough to know not only their own mind but someone else as well.

Seeking knowledge truly is a sinful endeavour.