Espresso wa the flavour for the day, not something often chosen from the menu however today a change was needed.

To accompany it there was some deep thoughts about ones place in life, seeming form all that had been achieved thus far and what is left to be ticked off the proverbial bucket list.

Perhaps it’s an age thing, or maybe some form of divine intervention that makes you sit and look at life as a whole. It hits you suddenly, then you see things in retrospect, without regret or emotion, just unbiased logic and wonder, how much luck can you continue to create for yourself before it just becomes another chore.

There was a young group of teenagers talking about how they don’t feel like they belong in the world that set of this thought process. They were no older than 18 and already manning about the foul hand life had dealt them, which considering they all sat in clothes of the highest fashion, surrounded by I-phone 7’s and apple macs it was very doubtful they had a hard life so far. It makes you wonder if the lesson they were taught in school of ‘everyone is a winner’ has lost it’s shine to the biter truth of reality.

When you look back through time it’s the younger generations that suffer for the selfish choices of their parents and grandparents, the entitled ones who believe it should all be handed to them on a silver platter just because they don’t know any different.

There are not many heroes left, you know the ones, those who served in the great wars and gave everything they had so that our future would be better and what have we done with their gift of sacrifice? We’ve wasted it and become soft because some people don;t know how lucky they are to be living in the world they know, the place they know and just who different it might have been.

In the end the only thing we can do is pay homage to their memory and realise that we create our own purpose. We are the masters of our of fate, at least for now. No time to waste wallowing in self pity, we just have to keep doing what we can, that’s all.