Tea really is quite a British thing.

The Brits do love a good cup, not matter the time of the day, however it can’t be too strong and it can certainly not be too weak, you know the type, it’s basically warm watery milk. Those who make tea like that need to be removed from your life because no one should have to suffer that kind of negativity.

This weekend once again was spent in Manchester, the attitude of the people really is different. They smile back when you do, they say hello in response to you, they just seem to be more amiable than those in the south and truth be told, it’s hard to work out why.

Is it due to upbringing, environment or perhaps something else?

Perhaps they still have that which was lost in the south many years ago. When ‘that’ is established you’ll find it one here because in this current moment what ever it is, it’s incredibly illusive.

As nice as some of the places can be, there is a seedy underbelly that governs, thankfully these feet haven’t accidentally wandered in to it, yet. Not time to worry about that now, it’s time for a good old cup of tea.