While enjoying a bitter coffee a face that had not been seen in a while decided to walk past.

It tried not to look, however it couldn’t help itself, it seems a grudge is still held. It still feels that is was the victim, even though the reckless actions of it’s own choice caused the problems. Very sad.

Looking around to see who else is in the shop today offers slim pickings, many of which are completely oblivious to the person just meters away from them not he other side of the window.

The thug, the criminal, the angel of death as some might say, none of the people in here know such a person is so close to them. Ignorance is truly bliss.

Pride truly comes before a fall, however broken pride often leads to people doing stupid things, which will surely be coming the way of this coffee shop loner some day. Until that point each day ill be taken as it is, a gift, filled with interesting people to watch and speak to.

Do any ghosts of your past ever pay you a visit?