The lady and her husband sat next to me on this grand centrepiece of a table are quite interesting.

She is very contrite in her words and demeanour.

He is placid and remorseless.

Their conversation is very one sided, it’s essentially one begging for the others approval, what happened, one does wonder.

She leaves, possibly to go to work, not five minutes after her departure he is off to join another lady on another table. He speaks of his woes and how his beloved was unfaithful, however the way he is seems like he is not so pure himself. For someone who claims to be so devastated and no longer able to trust his betrothed he’s very familiar with his acquaintance.

It seems from the outset he needed an out and this one small discrepancy  from her is the excuse he needs, however it seems that’s not stopped him before, not given the way things have just played out before these tired eyes.

Are we all so hypocritical that we are no longer aware of it?

So quick to scorn those who wrong us yet we wrong them untold times without recompense.

We humans are a fascinating species. We want what is ours, but we also want what is yours and if we are in the wrong we feel like the victim, what a perplexing species indeed.

Take a trip to a coffee shop, you’ll be amazed at what you see.